Chase Shakur
too far close

Spotify’s probably just hacking my listening habits at this point (Spotify already added to New Music Friday), but it’s okay. Caught this tune “too far close” here from Chase Shakur a few weeks ago on the good ole Tik Tok. And immediately the Brent Faiyaz/Realestk-like textures of his lofty R&B tone stand out.

Taking the high road and leaning on a beautiful falsetto, the Atlanta native takes us 30,000 feet up into the sky with a lofty feeling song that’ll drift you along with it. But if you’re scared of heights, the oh so smooth bass line will be your mental safety blanket reminding you that everything will be okay and that you’ll drift back down to earth when the song ends.

With a full EP on the way soon, Chase is only just getting started with this lush R&B bag he’s hopping into.

Produced By

Sonni, GHXST & Origin

Release Date

April 22, 2022


Atlanta, Georgia

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