$avvy – POOR (Album Stream)

“I been snappin.” – $avvy

The first three words that $avvy lets loose on his latest release POOR put into the simplest terms something that we’ve become all too aware of over the course of his past two projects (Boys Wear Pearls and teenage fever). The opening track “Call Me” oscillates between equal parts braggadocio & forgiveness. $avvy shows how self-aware he is of his own rise, but he goes on to croon that this doesn’t mean he’s unable to be reached.

“Shawty. Just pick up your phone – you know the number.” – $avvy

The intro track to POOR ebbs and flows while silhouetted by a bass backing all of the claims he makes on his trajectory from the jump. He even takes a moment to let the production really breathe by descending into an infectious two-step backing that would make Jodeci cry.

That being said, I’d highly suggest that you don’t get it twisted. Shit ain’t sweet over here. Tracks like “CRUCIAL”, “DUMBLONDE”, “JANSPORT”, “GROWNMAN”, & “TERIYAKI” completely shift the energy of the project & further distinguish $avvy from his counterparts. Sonically, they’re a big shift from his more resplendent, lighthearted tracks like “Zack & Cody” & “Spain” and showcase his versatility. They reinforce the dominant tone established at the beginning of POOR – there’s no way you can deny who he is becoming.

Selfishly, one of my favorite pockets of $avvy’s is when he gets funky; and he couldn’t have gotten any deeper into his funk bag even if he had the same wingspan as Kevin Durant. You’ll understand exactly what I mean the first time you hear “GO!” transition into “FINGERPRINTS”. It’ll make you overnight deliver six pairs of bell bottoms to your residence. Oftentimes, artists find themselves tasked with finding the perfect medium between demonstrating their range and growth while also continuing to excel in the sound that put them on to begin with. It’s a task that’s easier said than done – not everyone attempts to or even does it well when they take the risk.

$avvy is not everyone.

“SHIA LEBUSSDOWN” & “STUPID – DUMB” illustrate how he has fine tuned the clever phrasing & enjoyable tunes that seem effortless to him. His replay value is second to none. Comparatively, “CLOSE THE CURTAINS” finds Nashville’s next up lacing mosh pit inducing bars on a beat that could knock the ass off a reinforced 2009 Chevy Tahoe.

Life may be filled with peaks & valleys, but $avvy projects are strictly peaks.

“Poor me? Poor you.”

Stream POOR today.

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