Bands are harder and harder to come by these days, mainly because there’s just so many tools these days at people’s disposable to do it all yourself. But there’s still just no way to match the energy of a band of friends that have that chemistry and energy together, such as we have here today. It’s a picture perfect time to tune into Fort Worth natives Morningbuzz. A gang of 4 they’ve been finding and fine tuning that chemistry and their sound release by release, undoubtedly getting better with each new one to come, and it’s of course found a new apex with this brand new song “bimmerfights”. A song that beautifully combines gruff yet smooth verses with an energetic counterpunch on the chorus. It’s been on repeat for the past hour and i’m sure I won’t be alone.

If you like what you hear, stay tapped in, follow them on your social medias of your choice and stand by patiently as they get ready to drop their debut project on June 10th.

Produced By


Release Date

April 28, 2022


Fort Worth, Texas

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