Boring Life

LA-based musician Austin Geller, or simply Geller, has a hit on his hands with his latest track “Boring Life.” I spent a lot of time with this one, as I found it one of the more stellar compositions of music I’ve heard in a minute— clearly the product of hours of toiling to strike just the right tone and balance.

The beat for “Boring Life” is undeniable. Listen to this one in some good headphones to make sure you soak in every bit of ambient goodness Geller has packed into it.

Geller puts together multiple layers of build in this song in EDM fashion, but the track itself contains elements of electropop, hyperpop and drum & bass, while also feeling like a montage anthem. The peaks and valleys of this track reminded me of an old classic: “Sweet Disposition” by The Temper Trap, but with more of an overall sense of urgency. The track hits its climax at around the two-minute mark, as Geller passionately wails “will I come through for once?” to anyone listening. From there, the vocals dip out, leaving a trail of echoes and giving the surreal, almost gaudy instrumental a full minute-plus to wind down on its own.

In spite of the song’s subject matter, the musical elements of “Boring Life” make it a fit soundtrack for situations of perseverance, without hitting you over the head with it. It made almost too much sense to learn that Geller has spent time scoring films.

Produced By

Geller, Fahem Erfan, Tea Wise, and Jackson Rau

Release Date

May 7, 2022


Los Angeles, California

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