Ricki Monique – GOOD SEEDS (EP Stream)

Ricki Monique is the type of artist that puts you at a standstill, strikes a chord, and captures her listeners with an articulate and emphatic essence. After her initial Fash Debut back in March with the release of her initial 2022 single, “IMMORTAL,” and the follow-up track “CEREAL,” we have been patiently waiting for a sign of new music. The wait is over.

After preparing for this release for the past two years, Minneapolis-based rapper and songwriter is releasing her debut EP, GOOD SEEDS. Monique seems effortless in her delivery and through a series of confessional stories, she dresses deep themes of healing, trauma and life lessons in light and feel-good production throughout the six tracks.

GOOD SEEDS was made in collaboration with Chicago-based jazz band, The Data Waves, and executive production steered by yourbeautifulruin. The combination of Ricki’s tongue-in-cheek wordplay and the element of live percussion, heavy basslines, and lively keys give this project a fruitful pulse. Eclectic drums, ethereal guitar riffs, and hazy harmonies are flooded through every song. Musicians and lyricists from all walks of life can find something to appreciate in the back and forth dialogue happening between Ricki and the band members throughout GOOD SEEDS.

The EP is said to be influenced by David Cameron Gikandi’s Happy Pocket Full of Money. The project’s title GOOD SEEDS refers to the idea that “you always harvest what you sow, it is always in your best interest to sow good seeds.” From Monique’s self-proclamation of choosing to focus her creative energy on bringing individuals together with her art, I see her as functioning as an artist who is a vessel for resurrecting and keeping the cultural history and sonic legacy of jazz and hip-hop alive.

Enjoy something new today and give GOOD SEEDS a listen.

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