dyl dion – under your weather

17-year old dyl dion is talented beyond his years, and his latest release under your weather” adds to the teenager’s growing catalog. “under your weather” has a distinct summery, sing-along feel, despite some particularly somber lyrics. dyl tells us via email, “‘under your weather’ is about how things are temporary and sometimes don’t last as long as we think they will. I think that a lot of the song is me reassuring myself that whatever is happening now, whether it’s good or bad, is not here to last forever. To me, this can be hopeful, or a reminder to cherish what is happening in the moment.”

dyl’s voice fits perfectly for the bedroom pop recording style, where his voice seems to have just a slight echo as if the sounds are hitting the bare walls of his room and echoing back to the microphone. The song has great movement and easily singable, and is a song that’ll dance in your ears for plenty of time after the 3 minutes of run time. Being able to balance out a senior year of highschool while also self-everything-ing tracks that have graced places like Spotify’s “Lorem,” “Big on the Internet,” and “idk.” is no easy feat at all. It’s clear dyl is as talented as they come and continues to tug at the heart strings of loads of listeners only 5 songs deep into his music career. All signs are up for dyl, and one listen of “under your weather” will turn any curious listener into a fan that’ll want to be around for the long haul.

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