Lei Dominique – Nostalgic Tear (EP Stream)

Massively underrated Fashionably Early favorite Lei Dominique dropped off “Nostalgic Tear” on May 2nd, her first EP, and her first drop that hasn’t been a single.

For an upcoming artist like Lei, the build-up to “Nostalgic Tear” made my heart warm, there’s really no other way for me to say it. Of course, there are outliers: artists that care about that long-lost craft of album rollouts; but as a whole, it’s a forgotten art. The rollout was essentially a slew of Instagram posts; all being stunning, ethereal visuals but one stuck out the most. In April, Lei posted a gripping memo about hearing the phrase “nostalgic tears” for the first time on old-time radio theater while she was in Miami. “The next few years [after hearing] that brought on many changes”, said Dominique, “and with them, growth.”

Based on Dominique’s words, “Nostalgic Tear” is a mini-epic of sorts, following the woman Lei has grown into from 2016 and on. The highs were high, and the lows were low, Dominique dealt with a vocal injury in 2021 that left her unable to sing, or even talk for an entire month. The EP and Lei’s summary of it is very telling, it echoes sentiments of a lot of stories I’ve heard Black women tell for as long as I can remember. Black women are masters of survival, thriving in a world that isn’t catered to their desire for protection, “Nostalgic Tear” is Lei’s first step in performing her truths to the world, however double-sided that truth may be, it’s a story worth telling.

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