Michael Sneed
Sometimes Blue

Michael Sneed isn’t a new face to Fash, we’ve been hip since “Hopscotch” dropped back in 2019, and he’s been getting better and better ever since. Now in 2022, Sneed addresses the internal back-and-forth around our own expectations, releasing his new single, “Sometimes Blue”, accompanied with a short visual for social media. Collaborating with fellow Bay Area local GrandBankss, Sneed breaks down the ever-present gap between his dreams and reality. You see the struggle between being hopeful and accepting what is as Sneed cites his own experiences with disappointment; Sneed goes on to say that his lack of hope sharpens his wisdom as he says, “maybe I’m wiser when I’m hopeless.”

In a vocal style reminiscent of Midwest and Chicago hip-hop from the mid-2010s, Sneed has managed to create a track expertly balancing joyful and melancholic themes. Including group backing vocals, synths, and live drums, both Michael and Grandbankss give the listener a colorful and uplifting backdrop to Sneed’s vulnerable lyrics. In short, this song will make you both happy and sad, all at once.

Produced By


Release Date

May 30, 2022


Oakland, California

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