Avery Lynch
Love Of My Life

Sometimes when listening to a song it can be easy to believe the artist is talking directly to you. That is how I felt while listening to Avery Lynch’s, Love of My Life”.

The melodic pop ballad truly drew me in with the lyrics and made me stay with the breathtaking vocals. It was almost as if she was singing from a personal letter written up to her love. The song shows her real emotions from her hesitation with lyrics such as “Can I call you the love of my life?” yet sincerity when describing how much she is willing to do to fully express her feelings.

As her heartfelt declaration is driven by melancholy piano and orchestral synths, Avery earnestly professes her commitment to her loved one. In my mind, I felt like I was watching a movie where the two main characters were falling in love. My hopes are that this song will make it to the screen and bring my feelings to life.

With songs like “Out of Love with You” and “To Love Someone Else”, Pennsylvania native Avery Lynch does not hold back when it comes to sharing her feelings. Clearly, she is an artist who speaks from the heart and is seen to draw others to relate to her stories.

There is no doubt that Avery Lynch will be your next must-listen, but I warn you it may be a tear-jerker.

Produced By

Dan Gleyzer

Release Date

May 20, 2022



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