maajins – sticks + try me

Shoutout to maajins for bringing me out of my journalistic slump, It isn’t often you find a 14-year-old as hard as him. When the multi-talented artist isn’t producing hits for cohorts such as Yeat, Slump6s, and BabySantana just to name a few, he’s dropping modern-day hits of his own.

Following him on Soundcloud, you’ll get a good chunk of tunes, at least a song a month but a couple days the young producer/rapper dropped off a two-pack of songs with “sticks” and “try me”. In a mere 3:03 runtime across 2 songs, Maajins packs in enough energy to power the brand new Supreme Airstream Travel Trailer on a trip to Joshua Tree. “sticks”, co-produced by maajins and amir is the shit you play when there are no girls within a 50 miles radius, this song is so loud and scary the average ear wouldn’t begin to understand multi-faceted artistry being displayed. 

“try me” is an absolute bloodbath of a song I can only imagine what maajins principal would think after hearing him scream “I’m serving the crack fiend through a peephole”. Cold ass production from victim allows maajins to get off any sort of angst left in him. It still amazes me the things this kid comes up with to say in his songs. At 14 I was still trying to figure out how to solve a rubix cube and this young man is flying across the country paving the way for generations to come.

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