Casper – Ocean’s 12 + Skydive

Rarely can I play a song over and over and over without getting sick of it or feeling like I’m listening to it repetitively just to get it through my system. Last year we slid a lone album cut, “Not Enough,” into one of our playlists, but this time around I feel that it is necessary to put pen to paper and shed some well-deserved light on Austin, Texas-based artist, Casper

On June 1st the singer, songwriter, and producer released his second two-pack of the year, titled “Oceans 12 / Skydive.” These two offerings showcase Casper’s capability to swing a right and a left hook confidently and with purpose. Ocean’s 12 is said to be a love letter, addressing the love the artist has for his current life and the life he is building for his future self. It gives a feeling of a calm version of an east coast boom bap record and feeds the craving for a lyrically driven, no hook, straight-up rap song.

While “Oceans 12” is an impressive step from his previous release, “Skydive” is the stand-out track from this new duo. In an emotional effort that elegantly displays the highs and lows of his experiences, Casper combines a nostalgic 2000’s R&B chorus with inward-looking, self-reflective verses that display his ability to take a familiar feeling of a losing a lover and communicate that sublime experience for a larger audience to appreciate. In his own words, Casper noted, “Sometimes, it’s important to feel the euphoria of the moment while still accepting that there’s plenty of work to do to create the reality I want.”

If you’re in the market for a feel-good yet raw performance, Casper is it. We don’t think this is the last we’ll be seeing of him.

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