HAHA f. Pusha T

We’ve heard Al-Doms named tingling through the grapevine since 2019, and had his off the wall tune “More” (a must listen if you’re not familiar) on the Fashionably Early playlist in 2020. But it wasn’t until 2021 that I penned the first proper Fashionably Early write-up for “NEW DREAM” – a collection of nine carefully-crafted bangers instilled with Al-Doms’ signature Southern energy. Over a year and 1.5 Million streams later, Al-Doms is one of the South’s hottest upcoming rappers, and his momentum doesn’t stop there. Following the release of “NEW DREAM”, we weren’t the only entity with their sights on the young rapper, as none other than Pusha T later reached out to Al-Doms to link. Today the fruits of Al-Doms’ labor come to fruition, and the long-awaited “HAHA” featuring Pusha T arrives today. From the “HAHA”‘s forward-thinking production and eclectic energy, it’s hard not to see the palpable talent of Al-Doms on “HAHA” – even when he’s trading verses back-to-back with a titan of modern rap.

The relationship between Al-Doms and Pusha T is anything but random, however, as the two collaborating was almost Inevitable. Al-Doms notes that Pusha T was “told what we had going on and reached out to chop it up, then when I came back to Norfolk from New York he pulled up on me and rode around the city and kicked it. Talking about the rap game, what he sees me doing in the future and he listened to my ‘New Dream’ EP.” Though Al-Doms and Pusha T crossing paths was only a matter of time, Al-Doms wasn’t immediately trying to get him in the studio. “At that time, I wasn’t thinking about doing a song with bro, I was just satisfied with him pulling up on me, and telling me he fucks with what I do. That was enough motivation and inspiration for me honestly.”

“HAHA” eventually came as a result of divine manifestation – an idea set forth in motion through willpower and hard work. “My EP is out and we sitting in front of my billboard I had up in the city listening to a beat pack produced by N-I-N-E, and the ‘HAHA’ instrumental comes on. I just started freestyling, and it hit me that Push would sound crazy on the 2nd verse. Once I got it, when I was in LA, I sent it to bro and he said it was dope and was getting on it. It was up after that.”

Produced By

N-I-N-E, Coop The Truth & bennygotbass

Release Date

June 16, 2022


Norfolk, Virginia

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