A bit ashamed to admit that I agree a little too much with the opening line to Zinadelphia’s “Mirrorball”. “Baby Im starting to think that we both need to stop drinking, im tired of wasting so much time hungover on these weekends”. Being freshly graduated and residing in the motherland of temptation that is Southern California, “Mirrorball” was the exact wakeup call I needed.

A love song and a cry for help? Right up my alley. Zinadelphia’s has one of those voices that sends chills down your spine and activates the tear ducts in the most beautiful way. Whether you are slow dancing alone in your one bedroom apartment or balling your eyes out over a past lover, “Mirrorball” is the ultimate soundtrack to whatever life throws at you.

But it’s only the second song of hers released. In the meantime, The Pennsylvania native has been utilizing the powers of Tik Tok, and not to mention her one of kind, beautifully raspy yet soulful voice to tote. Recent covers of Adele’s “Rumor Has It” and Amy Winehouse’s “Me and Mr Jones” going especially viral that will simply speak for themselves and surely make you a fan if “Mirrorball” hasn’t already.

Produced By


Release Date

April 15, 2022


Philadelphia, Pennsylvania

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