With a project title that’s equal parts forthright and fearless, how could Raheaven’s latest EP be anything less than perfect?

As the follow-up to 2021’s 2Personal, THROAT GAME STUPID! is nothing short of another nail on the head in the growing discography of the budding, Eritrean R&B monarch hailing from North London. The influence of SZA, PartyNextDoor, Summer Walker, and even a splash of Abra are already apparent in “TALK BACK” & “PINK PANAMERA”; but it’s the candor paired with the singalong nature of Raheaven’s hooks on tracks like “TALK BACK” that keep you thoroughly engaged from start to finish:

“Tired that I don’t wanna fight
Don’t wanna fuss with you
I don’t wanna fuck
Only when find out we’re the right
Know I’m the type, the type you like
‘Cause I talk back
I ain’t attachеd, stay in my bag”

What’s truly remarkable about the current state and direction of R&B in the past few years is its fluidity. While R&B as a whole used to be influenced almost exclusively by acts from the golden age of Motown and Neo-soul, there are also talents within the new generation like Raheaven who are contributing fresh sounds and redefining what R&B truly is. She even goes as far as to give Tems a run for her money on “BETTER”.

The ladies of R&B have had their collective foot on our necks for the past six summers. Raheaven is simply here to add to that pressure.

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