brian mantra

This is technically Brian Mantra’s debut song, but music is the craft he’s been refining and mastering for years. Don’t be fooled, Brian’s far from a rookie and you’ll understand within just a couple seconds of hearing “BUGS R US”; A song he’s had the demo version of available on his Soundcloud for about the past year. After that initial upload I’d soon after stumbled upon the tune myself and been enamored by his musicever since first hearing the tune.

But even before “BUGS R US”, Brian’s got an assortment of older released tunes that still live on his Soundcloud and while those never really got the proper recognition upon release from the masses, there’s an assortment of timeless tunes to dig through there once I get you hooked to this song. But still, the release of those former tunes did get plenty of significant attention, from not only the music industry in the US, but in South Korea as well, prompting a music competition over there inviting him to participate. Amongst much other interest amongst the K-Pop industry.

Now in 2022, it seems Brian is really ready to take a stab at getting his music out to the masses, and we just sincerely don’t see a lot of artists as talented as him spring up often. Don’t take those Dijon and Choker comparisons lightly, he’s an artist can operate at that type of level once attracting the fanbase. With his hands all over every step of the music making process, including producing this beautiful tune all himself. Thank me later when he’s one of your new favorite artists.

Produced By

Brian Mantra

Release Date

July 26, 2022


Los Angeles, California

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