Bebe Stockwell
Love Me Back

When I heard Fash was going through some rebranding, I thought it would be ample time to take a step away from the pen for the summer, but I never stepped away from hearing as many new artists as possible. With temptations to write about a few things over the course of the last few weeks, I stood my ground. However, after hearing “Love Me Back,” singer-songwriter Bebe Stockwell’s long-awaited debut single coincided with the return of the rebranded Fashionably Early; it was my sign from the universe my blogging hiatus had to come to an end.

Bebe is an original storyteller at heart, and this song is a first-person interpolation of love and the anxieties that come with it. The great writing aside, her vocals are what stand out. Hearing Bebe’s voice for the first time makes you feel immediately comforted. There’s a sense of warmth in her tone and maturity for her young age. It’s almost like I’m listening to young Amy Winehouse vocals, and I am fully aware of the weight that statement carries. Bebe Stockwell is the kind of young artist that reminds me why I love music discovery because it’s just that good. With a bright future in store, I will confidently bet on her success. Listen to “Love Me Back,” you will not regret it.

Produced By

M-Phazes & Doug Schadt

Release Date

July 15, 2022


Boston, Massachusetts

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