Noah Guy – 2 Dogs 1 Leash

We all know a guy, but do you know Noah Guy? *pause for laughter*. Known best for his affinity for clever songwriting and smooth indie-pop sounds, our king returns to us this week with the new banger “2 DOGS 1 LEASH” – an energetic love letter to navigating romance and walking dogs. While you might know him from the dulcet “HARD KNOCK LULLABY” or the tender and seductive “KEEP ME ON” – “2 DOGS 1 LEASH” sees Mr. Guy venturing into new territory while showcasing his soulful vocals over a downtempo yet eclectic mix.

Whether he’s hitting the falsetto like rent is due tomorrow, or he’s doing a lil Pharrell-type whisper in your ear, it’s hard to ignore the undeniable charisma that Noah guy weaves into his new track. It’s been a minute since we’ve heard since from our hero – but luckily our first release from Noah Guy this year sounds like he never left. With more music likely planned for the near future, Noah’s an artist to keep on your radar as the dreaded cuffing season turns the corner.

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