Gaia Calista
Last Call

As summer ends and cuffing season begins, many of us will soon find ourselves navigating love’s throes while looking for the right companion to spend the winter with. Not me though, I’m good – but I’m still looking out for you because I know that the end of the year is hard to experience alone. Luckily, LA-based singer/songwriter Gaia Calista arrives this week with her debut single “Last Call”, a complex yet emotive banger about romantic tension and uncertainty.

On “Last Call” Gaia weaves together melancholic and jazzy vocals that synthesize the quick wit of Amy Winehouse with the airy hypnotism of Ariana Grande to present listeners with something relatable yet brand-new. Gaia’s perspective isn’t just another sophomoric perspective on a lover who did them wrong, but a narrative where she is forced to face the disparity between what she wants and what is truly in front of her. Vintage keys and punchy percussion serve as the foundation for Gaia Calista’s voice to flourish – blending together elements of pop, R&B, and jazz music to create something entirely unique. Between “Last Call”‘s undeniable wisdom and its infectiously catchy writing, Gaia Callista is an artist that needs to be on your radar this fall. For better or for worse, she’ll be sure to colonize your weekly rotation should any mistakes be made in the pursuit of true love.

Produced By

Rob Enea

Release Date

August 1, 2022


Los Angeles, CA

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