Nicole Han

As a longtime Nicole Han fan, this is by far the most beautiful song she has ever written. Whether it is the instrumentals or her vocals, the song lives in my head constantly.

“Blush!” follows Nicole Han in her search for the best way to act on her feelings. The 20 year-old-singer from Orange County, California, uses music as therapy. Like most songwriters, Nicole creates her songs through feelings and emotions that seem like her music diary. From writing as a child to discovering a more extraordinary passion for songwriting in recent years, Nicole has been able to make her hobby into much more.

For me, this song is easily a song that reminds me of an unforgettable memory, whether mine or one I saw in a movie. The catchy pop melody is coupled with an unstoppable indie rock beat that will never leave your mind. In “Blush”, Nicole weaves complex lyricism with nostalgic melodies to make the song memorable and easy to listen to. Nicole captures the essence of a song that can be played anywhere, from the car to the shower to hanging out with friends.

In other words, if you’re looking for a song that everyone will love, Nicole Han is an artist you can’t miss.

Produced By

Michael Matta

Release Date

August 12, 2022


Orange County, CA

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