Lose Me

Creativity breeds innovation, and newcomer SKYTE has something truly unique on his hands with his crazy mashup of melodic underground rap, Jersey club, and hyperpop on his hit single “Lose Me.” SKYTE’s melancholy lyrics and waning melodies open the song to paint the picture of a broken heart and a lost love, and just when you assume you know the full breadth of the song, SKYTE and producer ayowitty flip the entire song on its head and send you into full speed into a wall of glitches, club bass, and an overload of youthful fun to get sturdy to. It seems as though we’ve hit the edge of the current Soundcloud sound meta, and as we’re reaching the natural life cycle of the hyperpop-rap blend, newcomers like SKYTE are finding new ways to inject uniqueness and blaze forward into new areas of sounds that are yet to be discovered.

“Lose Me” caught a great wave, of course, on TikTok as an unreleased song showcasing SKYTE and his friends miming SKYTE’s heartbreak lyrics before breaking out in to a dance compilation as the song breaks into its hyperpop/club glitch section which obviously made the comment section light up with a clamor of “DROP” and “SONG???” SKYTE and ayowitty have something on their hands with “Lose Me”, and it could very well be a sound that they can call completely their own.

Produced By


Release Date

September 9, 2022


Atlanta, GA

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