LA-based singer LÉA THE LEOX (the X is silent) knows how to seize a moment. In the midst of a mainstream resurgence of house music, Léa dropped a banger called “T.V.” Produced by ObieIII, the hectic track feels like the perfect soundtrack for those nights where you’re still in the club going strong at 3 AM.

Léa is decisive and self-aware on “T.V.”, as suggested by the hook of: “We don’t ever really go to sleep, we just like to stay up, fuck, and watch TV.” Much like Ice Spice on “Munch,” Léa knows exactly what she wants from the significant other she sings about—marathons of both sex and TV into the wee hours of the night.

Léa’s brief catalog already is impressively versatile. While “T.V.” is meant for the discotheque, her previous single “Pricey” sees her step into a more chill RnB bag. I’ll be keeping an eye out for future releases for sure.

Produced By


Release Date

August 15, 2022


Brockton, Massachusetts

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