Lauren Juzang

Lauren Juzang’s “Yeehoo!” is indie-folk crack. This is the type of song that makes me want to buy a cabin and move out to the woods so I can spend the rest of my days skipping small pebbles across a river stream. There’s an intimate quality surrounding all her music that is so cathartic in her delicate airy timbre that glides perfectly over a weathered acoustic guitar. Her writing is the perfect amount of raw and transparent, and she’s not trying to impress you with abstractness, rather put on some headphones and let her gorgeous voice soothe.

For the LA native/Syracuse student, it’s her first release of the year, that she recorded back home in LA with friends. “Yeehoo” is selfishly the kind of track that you try to keep stashed for yourself – while secretly hoping that the secret doesn’t inevitably get out. But truly the world deserves to hear this, you can thank us later when you’ve spun this one on repeat for an hour straight.

Produced By

Jason Vance Harris

Release Date

November 9, 2022


Los Angeles, California

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