Danny Schiller
Hasta La Dorada (EP)

Danny Schiller has always been on the go. As a kid, he split time between Spain and the suburbs of Chicago, where he started a cover band with friends at the age of 12. He played competitive soccer all through his youth, which ended up taking him to Brown University. But after making it through four years of D1 soccer, an untimely ACL tear off the field thwarted his plans to play professionally. He found himself back in Chicagoland to heal from the injury.

But the derailment of his soccer star dreams had a silver lining, an opportunity to engage with the music community of Chicago right in his backyard. Connecting with local artists such as Victor Internet, Heartgaze, Cece Maravilla and Dreamer Isioma helped ease the pain of the ACL, not to mention sell out a 150-capacity venue for his first ever live show.

At eight tracks, Hasta La Dorada is Danny’s longest project to date. The sonics of the project are carefully curated, fusing genres native to Spanish-speaking countries such as bachata, reggaeton and flamenco with American pop, RnB and hip-hop. A personal favorite is an acoustic ballad entitled “By The End of September.” Stream Hasta La Dorada today to expand your musical palate. You’ll be glad you did.

Produced By

Roy Borland, Carlos Clerencia, Baird & Gabe Acheson

Release Date

October 28, 2022


Chicago, IL

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