This has not been an average year for Secily. Though many may know her as the young R&B songstress that is quickly capturing our attention (and hearts), the uninitiated may be surprised to hear that this is far from the only accomplishment that the singer/songwriter has checked off in 2022. When Secily isn’t honing her seasoned vocal abilities or writing lyrics so candid that they feel like a punch in the chest – she’s securing partnerships with cosmetic companies like MAC and getting her Masters Degree. All in a day’s work to the blessed and talented I guess (I can’t relate), but as any sage person could tell you, things are not always perfect in paradise.

This week Secily returns to fans with her newest banger “battlefield” – a dulcet and dreamlike R&B anthem laced with romantic tension and bittersweet love. Produced by samtrax, “battlefield” showcases the young Secily channeling the R&B greats with her agile falsetto and vocal layers so think you can practically wade through them. Through empassioned songwriting and a sunset-decorated visual, Secily illuminates the trials and tribulations of strained love while walking around some busy city street. Like the singles that preceded this one, Secily’s voice sounds absolutely insane – and with every release I become more and more excited for the next one. With more music likely planned for 2023, Secily is the perfect fit for fans of Ariana Grande, Jazmine Sullivan, or Victoria MonĂ©t. Accept her into your weekly rotation, and become an early fan while you still can.

Check out Secily’s new single “battlefield” below:

Produced By


Release Date

November 11, 2022


Houston, TX

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