Cosette – wya

Featuring a distinct and experimental blend of pop, R&B, and electronic stylistics, Cosette’s music is warm, inviting, and unafraid to push the envelope. Her newest single “wya” is no exception – featuring ambient instrumentation and angelic vocal harmonies that are so thick you can practically wade through them.

Combining pop sensibilities and glitchy forward-thinking production, Cosette has been one of Nashville’s best-kept secrets for a minute, and she only continues to get better with every release. I’m not afraid to admit that I’m Cosette 4L – and whether she’s singing over upbeat bangers like this one or lost in the meditative sleeper-hit “wtd”, few artists have earned a spot on my radar like Cosette. Even “wya”’s opening line, “11:11. Make a wish”, is inviting. I wish for more music, Cosette – and I hope to hear more in 2023!

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