From Male Onlyfans Star to Tik Tok Thirst Trapper/Rapper, AC Flow is Ready for his Viral Moment

Pretty girls love AC Flow, and while sitting at just 14k monthly listeners, AC Flow might just be UK’s worst-kept secret. The UK Rapper and OnlyFans Star is quietly building up an army of dedicated followers and fans on TikTok who consistently spam his comment section with obsession over his thirst traps.

This attention has carried over to his music, and his top song “Flow (Whoa)” is trending toward the early stages of a viral moment. Pairing an ambitious delivery over a catchy bed of bright synth patches, AC Flow catches your attention from the start. His energy is infectious, and it’s led to a host of influencers duetting and dancing to his music. Be sure to keep an eye out for AC Flow in the new year because this level of engagement is rare, and it’s often a sign of much bigger to come.

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