my year of rest & relaxation

Listening to ggwendolyn, there’s a genuine joy that readily jumps off the page in her music. The songs are quirky but not enough to be corny, and they’re melancholy but not enough to be brokenhearted. She’s a great writer, and she has a voice that exudes personality. However, what makes this project so appealing is the personal-ness of it, and her choices in sound selection and arrangement are rapidly dynamic and unexpected.

Produced by Ryen Raines, this newest single “my year of rest and relaxation” is a complete journey. Starting with a strummed acoustic guitar, the song builds into a crack-pilled chorus riff that is both catchy and enormously addictive. It only being her 2nd official release, the sky is surely the limit as the trajectory has only just begun.

Produced By

Ryan Raines

Release Date

January 27, 2023



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