FromJerome – Don’t Tell Me To Breathe (Unreleased)

Still at under 2k followers on Tik Tok, FromJerome is only baby steps into tapping into the Tik Tok algorithm, but we’re the best at this so you already know we found it. He sounds a bit like PARTYNEXTDOOR if he grew up in the UK. Surely best fit for R&B playlisting, there’s something unique about his sound already, sprinkled with tones of dancehall and an oh so natural sounding cadence that glides with ease. Using the classic “breathe breathe, don’t tell me to breathe” Drake IG live clip as inspiration, we’ve got a new Tik Tok clip we’ll have on repeat until the song’s released.

With just a few demos and songs on Soundcloud, but not a single one officially released on all streaming services, it’s only just the very beginning from this new face that we know very little about. Follow him on the Tok, throw a like or a comment on one of the next to be uploaded videos and help an artist that’s truly deserving, garner some more hype before this debut tune drops in February.

@fromjerome Don’t tell me to … #fyp #viral #trending #afrobeats #dancehall #rnb #drake ♬ tel aviv – jerome

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