Eccentric, retro-esque melodies that are nothing short of catchy are a clear standout trait you’ll catch whiffs of by hitting play on alesloveletters. The NYC native blends notes of pop-rock, hyperpop with occasional- yet tasteful acoustic elements. Those best whiffs come from the producer-songwriter’s latest EP ‘Right Here, Right Now’ that he dropped at the tail end of 2022. A project headlined by a doozy of a tune led by eccentric, retro-esque melodies culminating into a song called “skullcandy.”

It’s hard to name an artist that Ale is completely inspired from; his 2000’s coming of age movie sound in combination with more modern, glitchy elements, allow him to carve his own lane. ‘Right Here, Right Now’ feels like you’re going back to simpler times. A mix of nostalgia, yet moments of aspiration, the EP satisfies the craving for wanting to be in a happy-go-lucky mood. Ale’s lyrical brevity is something you can’t miss. As he hones in on honesty and young adult culture, alesloveletters illustrates the inner monologue that we all have in a bubbly way.

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December 2, 2022


New York, NY

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