60's Baby

Although it’s just the start of 2023, this is easily one of my favorite finds so far this year, and 1M+ people on TikTok seem to agree. New Jersey-based collective KIDSNOT$AINTS have been quietly bubbling for the past two years, but their two most recent releases with “Love, Always” and “60’s Baby” may be their strongest to date. Harnessing the power of TikTok slideshows and cartoon meme content, they have managed to consistently create viral moments with their own brand of alternative pop.

Their newest release “60’s Baby” is an ear-grabbing Fifties-era crooner, and truthfully, it’s hard to fathom that something like this could even be written in 2023. With a completely nostalgic blend of Doo-wop harmonies, twangy guitar licks, and swing rhythms, the comparisons to Elvis are apt in the best of ways. However, this feels like a lot more than just a novelty play, and based on the past two releases, KIDSNOT$AINTS needs to be on your watchlist for this year.

Produced By


Release Date

February 3, 2023


New Jersey

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