Andrea Bejar
Despierto f. Diàgo

Miami native Andrea Bejar is making an extremely strong case to be the next singer-songwriter to make it out of the TikTok bubble – and for good reason. While there are a lot of great cover singers on the app, not all of them can sing like this. She’s been sharpening her skills and her pen for years, all leading up to releasing her own music at a high level, like she’s now beginning to do, but she began showcasing her vocal talent on Tik Tok in 2020. It was the initial driver in finding an entry level fanbase that has helped get her latest and 2nd ever single “Despierto” off to a hot start.

And upon listening to the song, it’s clear that Andrea is more than just a singer. Her songwriting is pure, and while her music leans toward an unassuming indie-folk sound, there’s a big voice and a big story in there waiting to get out. She weaves between both English and Spanish seamlessly, and it’s apparent her lyrics have a deep connection to her culture and heritage. Go check her out if you haven’t already seen her on TikTok already because everyone else is starting to take notice.

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Release Date

January 20, 2023


Miami, Florida

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