Hannah Hill
Dog In Your Purse

Hannah Hill seamlessly contextualizes her vulnerability in her fourth single, “Dog In Your Purse.” The singer-songwriter from Chicago is not shy of balancing her pop-esque croon with hard-hitting production, to create a darker take on the singer-songwriter genre. “Dog In Your Purse” is a capsule of bittersweet-emotion, and sorrowful genuineness, illustrated best in the lyrics. Hannah takes us on a journey, as she experiences vain and rejection by her ex-lover- a feeling some of us know all too well.

Hill has had her fair-share of viral moments on TikTok, sharing her captivating melodies, and relatable lyricism to 100k followers. She has been redefining the pop genre on her own terms, based on personal experiences, and bridges the gap between alt-pop, and the singer-songwriter. Her story for unrequited affection in “Dog In Your Purse” feels authentic enough to be hers, but engaging enough to be covered in bars, cars, and karaoke. We cannot wait to see what Hannah gets up to in 2023, and will be following closely.

Produced By

Lucas Sim

Release Date

January 27, 2023


Chicago, IL

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