Julián Dysart
Man Down

This popped up on my Tik Tok timeline earlier this week and it’s quite literally been stuck in my head ever since. The tune’s called “Man Down”and it’s yet another typical Tik Tok tale; Julian Dysart teased the freshly created, not even fully-finished song on the app, it caught the algorithm and has reached a lot of new ears that have been clamoring for him to drop it ever since. Which led to Julian frantically trying to put the pieces to fully finish the tune. Which has now been successfully completed and slated to be released in March. Remember that we tried to put you on early, before you start hearing this song pop up all over the place.

Produced By

Teo Halm, Jeremy Stern & Adam Krevlin

Release Date

March 15, 2023


Los Angeles, California

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