it’s murph – Food For The Soul

While some people are saying it’s gonna be a big song at pool parties, others like myself think it’s the biggest debut release from a dance act since Tom Santa’s Rainfall, regardless of whether you hear it at a pool party or literally anywhere else.

Since it’s murph teased the song on Tiktok for the first time back in December, listeners became addicted to the stutter in the hook of this beautiful dance tune. He teased this song, for a while. It was teased in his class at USC, and it was teased with him sitting at his computer, some might think that it would be fatiguing, yet over 2 months went by and on release day, no one is tired of it because it’s just that good. That speaks volumes about the product and it’s something artists on Tiktok have a hard time balancing, not for murph.

The irony in it all is that it’s murph seems to be a fan of music just as much as we’re a fan of his. The lyrics, spoken by a female voice, carry the theme of music is the thing that sustains our lives. I’ve had this one on repeat since release day and you’re gonna want to also because dance music has found an exciting newcomer who seems like he’s here to stay while getting high off his own supply, music that is.


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