Love Language

If I was forced to put all my money on a single artist to break in the next few years, I’d bet everything on Zinadelphia. From the voice to the look to the music, she is the complete package, and her newest song is even more indication of that. Almost a whole year removed from her debut single “Mirrorball” (which was also the first time we told ya’ll to pay attention to the star in the making), everyone industry-side has been eagerly awaiting her next move.

Her second release “Love Language” showcases all of her vocal talents, and with a catchy guitar riff and a stadium-worthy chorus, this song has all the makings of a hit summer anthem. Leading up to release, she’s been aggressively campaigning “Love Language” on TikTok, and it seems to have worked – with videos of the snippet having racked up over a couple million views combined. Her energy on camera is definitely infectious, and when showcased alongside the music, you can’t help but feel the genuineness. She’s one of those names to drop when people ask you “who do you think is up next” and just remember that we told ya so.

Produced By

Jesse Fink & Benzi Edelson

Release Date

March 1, 2023



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