Josef Lamercier
Figure It Out f. Huey Briss

Known among the industry for his exceptional talent as a songwriter, Josef Lamercier is starting to step out on his own to give the world a glance into the sauce he’s got, starting with new song “Figure It Out”, produced by Niko Oroc and featuring LA mainstay Huey Briss. Born and raised in New Orleans, Lamercier’s roots in music began at an early age. From singing in his local church choir to performing at shows, his passion for music only grew stronger as his journey progressed.

After moving to Los Angeles to pursue music, Lamercier quickly made a name for himself as a top songwriter, lending his talents to some of the biggest names in the industry, most notably on Channel Tres & Tyler, The Creator’s hit track “Fuego”, Khamari’s “Driftin”, Dua Saleh’s “Chosen” and Kyle Dion’s “Dance For Me”.

Now with an artist project of his own, Josef is getting high off of his own supply. Cultivating a sound that blends the classic R&B of the past with modern influences, Josef’s music is both timeless and contemporary.

Produced By

Niko Oroc

Release Date

March 9, 2023


New Orleans, LA

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