Lazy Bones

If you’re anything like splendi — unmotivated and uninspired — “lazy bones” is the track for you. The song bemoans the monotony of daily life, spewing a cynical and dismal message that contrasts directly with its driving drums and guitar line. This third single fits perfectly into splendi’s fuzzy, lo-fi soundscape, drawing inspiration from artists such as beabadoobee, Deb Never, and Wallice. It’s equal parts lethargic and cinematic, as if it were made to be the theme song of every angsty teen’s life. “Things are dull these days but I suppress them under covers to hide my lazy bones,” she drearily sings. Produced by frequent collaborator Nick from Space, “lazy bones” is splendi’s most dynamic and honest song yet.

Based in Philadelphia, writer-drummer-guitarist splendi has only been releasing music since May 2022, and we’re excited to hear a lot more from this multi-talented artist. An animated video accompanies the release of the song, which you can view here:

Produced By

Nick from Space & Richard Picura

Release Date

March 10, 2023


Philadelphia, PA

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