Rio Rainz
Favourite Girl

Rio Rainz has been killing the game on Tik Tok lately. Growing up in between the city and country-side of London, you can see the influences of a split life for the 19 year old. Through the use of bilingual flows, and emotion evoking landscapes like an aesthetically pleasing laundromat, Rainz has us caught in the spin cycle that is his lyricism.

He carries us back and forth across his love ballad ‘FAVOURITE GIRL’, and has been doing so with multiple videos reaching over 30,000 likes. Although he remains relatively undiscovered to the masses, Rainz has managed to built a substantial buzz in the UK; most notably by being championed as ‘Spotify UK’s Radar: First Listen Artist’ in August of 2022 amongst other local acclaim.

Rio is certainly one to watch for us, and we wouldn’t be surprised to see this trend of success continue in the future. It’s definitely going to be reaching new heights once this song “FAVOURITE GIRL” officially drops a week from today on March 29th.

@riorainz THIS MONTH !💞 #undergroundartist #music #altmusic ♬ FAVOURITE GIRL – Rio Rainz

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Release Date

March 29, 2023


London, UK

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