Every Day It Rains (EP)

It’s been a while since my pen touched the paper for Fash, but in some cases, certain artists create an inevitable resurgence.  In the early stages of a developing artist’s career, it is vital to check multiple boxes in order to perk the eyes and ears of new listeners, and the Charlotte, North Carolina native, Ahmir, is doing just that.

For the first time in almost a year, Ahmir has resurfaced with a calculated EP, “EVERY DAY IT RAINS,” which feels purposefully sequential with his previous releases. The Charlotte rapper put out a slew of singles over the past few years and a first full body of work in 2021 that noted to the public, “take me seriously.” With the release of “EVERY DAY IT RAINS,” the m.o is the same: Ahmir is earnest, wholeheartedly unique, and someone you need to pay attention to.

With an entertaining ability to flow in what I would call the “correct” pockets of this style of production, Ahmir denotes a triumphant feel when overlaying his comforting vocals on these five tracks. My personal favorites from this project are “HEAVY (HOWUPLAYIT)” and “STRENGTH.” Ahmir is notably thoughtful and relaxed with his delivery but also is sharp in his lyrics which gives the overall feeling of “EVERY DAY IT RAINS” a sort of ethereal or spiritual essence.

As a member of the Charlotte collective KILLSWITCH, accompanied by close friends MAVI, MESSIAH!, and Sco, Ahmir has been surrounded by creative collectivism that has consistently proven their work is noteworthy. “EVERY DAY IT RAINS” is a testament to the aforementioned and Ahmir is an artist whose story is worth diving into to gain a greater perspective.

Produced By

Wulf Morpheus, Grimm Doza, NXGXL, Ashton Mccreight & Swank Lean

Release Date

March 31, 2023


Charlotte, NC

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