Mrs. Hollywood

If Go-Jo found you on the sidewalks of Australia early of this year, asking you to recognize his song, chances are you’d stumble. Now, if Go-Jo asked you in April, there’s a way higher chance you would recognize his witty, but smokey voice, and sing-back-able lyrics.

Taking social media by storm, Go-Jo found a niche and a way to connect with people on the street, whether asking them to play guitar riffs on his songs, or betting if they could guess the songs he sings- all whilst documenting the process, and quickly becoming an instant hit on TikTok.

Go-Jo’s sound is a reinvention of a mid 2010’s Tumblr soundtrack, crossing familiar paths of light indie rock, hooky singer-songwriter choruses, and pop. Go-Jo’s sound is something you can play off a bluetooth speaker in a crowded apartment to a sole drive. His sonic interpretation of the pop genre feels fresh for the 2020’s, and the production serves him. No elements are crowded, and his lyrics feel true-to-self. His latest release, “Miss Hollywood” could easily be on a loop, and you wouldn’t mind- whether it’s to do with snappy guitar riffs, or unforgettable hook. Go-Jo is definitely someone on our radar for 2023, and beyond.

Produced By

Marty Zambotto, Alex Koste

Release Date

March 20, 2023



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