Insãne Shinobi
Lazarus Pit

If there’s one thing Insãne Shinobi can do with his music, it’s make you cry, contemplate your life choices, bop your head, and put on a stank face – all at the same time.

Representing Virginia’s 757 area, this ambitious artist is one of the most promising players in the game right now. He’s released 3 albums since 2020, and he’s gotten significantly better with each one. Across these recent projects, Insãne Shinobi has developed a unique sound that integrates all the best corners of r&b/soul, lofi hip-hop, and hard-hitting rap. On top of his progressive and experimental artistry, you’ll find that he pours intention into his lyricism, inviting listeners to join him on his vulnerable path towards self-discovery.

His newest single “Lazarus Pit” is the perfect example of how far he’s come musically. An honest track about yearning for toxic love, he describes being trapped in a dark cycle of reviving a destructive relationship that’s better off dead, ultimately leading to both lovers’ descent into madness. It’s a reference to the Lazarus Pits from the DC comics: supernatural pools that can resurrect the dead, albeit twisted versions of them. In this song, Insãne Shinobi demonstrates his soulful vocals as well as his smooth rapping ability, showing us he can do it all. And with the futuristic world he’s creating beyond music, through his anime-inspired, cyberpunk visuals, it’s safe to say that he’s building something that’ll last. Long story short, this guy’s the future. Tap in now or get left behind.

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Release Date

February 3, 2023


Yorktown, Virginia

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