Landon Gamble

Landon Gamble is a 20-year old Toronto based artist who has delivered with increasing quality every new release. Gamble has steadily been finding his style, and this is yet another massive bound into the sound he is beginning to master. Coming off the back of his most successful streaming track to date, “BACKINTOWN”, he has returned with another gem titled “RIGHTWAYHOME”.

This song carries the boyish charm of a person who is leaving their youth, yet in the midst of it all they’re still able to look back on life through that pure and unadulterated lens. It’s littered with moments of deep love and of immense heartbreak that we commonly see in coming of age films, and it delivers a beautiful score to the emotions of chasing an old love that he once let go.

Landon is actively working on his music career right alongside his older brother Dawson, and these two are pursuing the industry hand in hand with all of the energy the pair can muster up. It’s not too often we see a brother duo growing at a similar and steady rate, which leaves me to think the pair will continue to reach new heights as they grow into themselves and into the industry.

Produced By

Tal Vaisman & Landon Gamble

Release Date

April 3, 2023


Toronto, Canada

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