Gal Musette

Let me introduce you to baroque-pop enigma Gal Musette. She is an OC-based pianist and crushingly coy vocalist who got her start opening for The Magnetic Fields when she was only fourteen. Now that she’s older, her music pokes the poignant vein of reality with introspective, longing lyricism. Her new single “Moment” caught my attention with coastal crescendos, fluttering reverbs, and mythic vocals that rise like a phoenix. Songwriting is Gal Musette’s chalkboard and her vocals leave behind a whirlwind of imaginative impressions.

I first encountered Musette playing a live show at the historic Whiskey a Go Go in Los Angeles. As soon as I heard her voice, she became an artist at the top of my radar. Not only does she have an impressive live circuit on the SoCal scene, but also a monumental roster of collaborators including Rufus Wainwright. While it’s her intoxicating voice that draws you in, there is so much lurking beneath the surface of Gal Musette (including a single in French?). “Moment” sets her intentions sky high for future endeavors and is surely a track I’ll be listening to for a long time.

Produced By

Jon O'Brien

Release Date

April 7, 2023


San Clemente, CA

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