CASEY is the one of the brightest lights to come out of Cincinnati, Ohio since Joe Burrow during the Bengal’s Super Bowl run, and she does so by being authentically herself in every track she puts out.

In all of her music she speaks through her struggles in life, and in I HATE MY BRAIN in particular she is in an all out joust with her emotions that she is struggling to get a hold on. Her lyrics are painstakingly raw straight from the get go, and her battle with mental health is only further driven home with the first lyric of the song saying “I wished I loved myself the way I love boys, because then I’d be okay with being alone.”

CASEY’s production resides in a lane adjacent to hyper-pop, and her message truly shines through when paired with the distorted genre; representing the perfect sonic reflection of her innermost thoughts. IHMB was created alongside her producer nydge, and it builds perfectly on top of her increasingly maturing and introspective discography.

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Release Date

April 3, 2023


Cincinnati, OH

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