In a case of the rhythm roulette spinning in their favor, Tbreck and his co-producer/roommate Versus found the sample that charges this new song “slide” at a local New York record store. On only his second release, this song feels like the house party anthem your friends and you wait for at the end of the night. Flares of an old melody, blended with hip hop, and RnB-esque vocals equate to a genre blend you’ve probably never heard before until “slide”.

Tbreck’s voice travels around the road of intent, while making the occasional pit stop to a looser feel. His raspy vocals bargain a familiar feeling, but not in a singer-songwriter, “I got a cold, my voice has unique cracks, and think it sounds cool” way. In a way that feels stress-free, and clearly natural. It works in favor with the sharp sample, trumpet-y synths, and punchy drums. As he starts to release more new music, we look forward to seeing which genre concoction is next in line.

Produced By

Versus & Tbreck

Release Date

April 21, 2023


Philadelphia, PA

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