Wiley Beckett
Bee Season

The over-saturation of coming-of-age songs has caused an unprecedented dam in the water of the genre. The exception? “Bee Season” by Wiley Beckett. The slow buildup, starting from the muddy, piano interlude perfectly transitions into a ‘just right,’ tragically euphoric setting till the song closes it’s curtains. The coming of age genre is often one that is interpreted as overdone in 2023- but Beckett gets it right, and it feels fresh.

This songs yearns, it cries for help- all under impeccable story-telling and Beckett’s sugary-croon. Though the song is Wiley’s personal vignette, viewers are more than welcome to watch the episode. “Bee Season” is the type of song that you listen to not once, not even twice, but many-a-times, scraping each little crumb of incredible music you missed in the previous listen. This song satisfies every coming of age craving you might have had, and is a perfect representation of looking at the past, acknowledging it, and realizing there’s nothing left to do but focus on the now- a feeling hard to illustrate in just one song.

Produced By

Ian Kimmel & Wiley Beckett

Release Date

May 5th, 2023


Brooklyn, NY

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