Boko Yout

For the last decade or so Sweden has blessed us with an array of alternative forerunners. Artists like Yung Lean and members of Drain Gang have reimagined hip-hop, while bands like Viagra Boys have done the same with punk. Boko Yout feels like the next addition to this roster of talent, utilizing sounds from rock, indie, and even jungle, to create his own unique style, separating himself from contemporaries.

The Stockholm native returned recently with his third official single “TELEPROMPTER”. The self-produced song features Boko’s signature booming vocals providing a peek into his head, as well as an earworm of a hook. Swelling harmonies and distorted guitar leads flow throughout the track, with filtered, sputtering drums driving it forward. Its short and sweet runtime at two and a half minutes certainly makes a nice addition to his small discography, but also leaves listeners eager for more, as we await what’s next for the budding talent.

Produced By

Boko Yout

Release Date

March 31, 2023



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