i lost who i am

On the latest Slush Puppy-produced brain freeze, viisi confronts his dark side with hellbent lyricism rooted in tropes of LA egomania. “i lost who i am” tracks a bitter arc from mama’s boy to unrecognizable artist as viisi grovels for the truth in cellophane city. viisi is soul-striking with a vocal that rides the exhales and ascends into the abstraction of breathlessness. With subtle, carnival-esque electronics buried under a sabulous riff, “i lost who i am” tells tales from the poignant wonderland of ‘going solo.’

viisi put out his first “rough cut” as a freshman in high school and has been on the come up ever since. He’s a mad scientist with genre, but his dense array of hip-hop influences breaks through no matter what. “i lost who i am”, though acoustic-driven and lyrical, is simultaneously bursting at its core with fury. A beacon of authenticity who’s not afraid to call it like it is, viisi has my full attention. If you like what you hear dig into “one day” that he also release alongside “I LOST WHO I AM”

Produced By

Slush Puppy

Release Date

May 12, 2023


Los Angeles, CA

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