Thomas LaRosa
Good Girl

Who’s been craving The Neighbourhood circa 2013? If so, “Good Girl” by Thomas LaRosa is exactly what should be added to your 2014 Tumblr era playlist.

This song feels like a Pacific Northwest rainy, dark alleyway, lit by a singular purple LED lit window on the block. Its mysterious nature, with faint familiarity of an era you desperately want back keeps you lingering on throughout. The production is a standout, and at no point does it feel over or underdone. LaRosa’s voice peeks through the window at first, but as time moves on in the song, it becomes a notable glance.

This song feels like one continuous, satisfying capsule. The tone feels original too. And the lyrics feel like lust. This song is perfectly executed for its assumed intentions. The alternative setting opens doors for moody guitars, a spacey sonic scene, as well as a pulse. Often times it’s hard to pinpoint a strong pulse in the song, or if pinpointed, it can feel corny-LaRosa defeats that in all aspects.

We look forward to what he’s bringing in 2023.

Produced By

Thomas LaRosa

Release Date

May 10, 2023


Brooklyn, NY

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