Kendall Raesunnie

On her 3rd release ever, Kendall Raesunnie is back on the radar with “JANET”. The spicy beat, mixed with spurs of angelic vocals create the perfect coastal-drive anthem. It’s hard not to either continuously throw your arms up to the ceiling and groove or even slight head bop to the song-it radiates the same energy as your end-of-summer playlist compiled with the memories you’ve made over the summer associated with each song. A mixture between Remi Wolf, Sam Gellaitry, and Jelani Aryeh sonically, it’s clear that though Kendall pulls inspiration from these artists, she also carves her own lane in the making.

Kendall is the embodiment of fun. Not cheesy fun, or passive fun, but just fun. Along with fun, it feels fresh. It feels like the best, disco-ball spinning basement party in 3 minutes and 34 seconds. The production has an array of ear-candy, leaving you to instantly go for the second listen, as you pick up the little knick-knacks throughout! Can’t wait to see what Kendall has in store for 2023.

Produced By

Kendall Raesunnie

Release Date

May 19, 2023


Atlanta, GA

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